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Phone arrow Samsung arrow SGH-U600 Promotion Package

SGH-U600 Promotion Package

Price: MYR 1,688.00


  • Ultra2 concept based on perfect trinity of design, technology and functionthat work seamlessly to aspire, enable and offer top-of-the-linemobility
  • Sophisticated palette of jewel-tone colors add depth and intrigue to a mobile market populated by flat hues
  • The exquisitely slender form is breath-taking
  • Theblend of soft curves, multi-faceted bevel cuts and clean lines create avisual and tactile pleasure that is designed to be caressed and cradled
  • Incredible 3.2MP camera takes brilliant photographs and video
  • Catering to amateur and professional photographers, additional features include image editor, and an integrated camera menu
  • NewSmart UI enhances usability by improving on search and messagingapplications, and by allowing users to manually adjust the brightnessof the display for better visibility
  • Increases talk-time by 10% and decreases power usage by 30-40% without adding any bulk to the battery unit
  • Reducesthe number of components as well as the noise between components,enabling the mobile to fit more advanced features into a more compactform


  • Bedecked with exquisite jewel-toned colors that give the mobile a look of distinction and sophistication
  • Slim and sleek body has a cutting-edge look that is easy to grip; it also disappears into pockets for easy portability
  • Soft curves, clean lines and bevel cuts offer a visual and tactile intrigue for subtle design refinement
  • Reflectivemirror-like coating around the TFT display combined with the touch menukeys give the mobile a modern and polished finish


  • 3.2 MP camera takes incredible print-quality photographs with stunning resolution
  • 4xdigital zoom allows you to get closer to your subject for better framedphotos take pics in dim surroundings and at night with LED flash
  • Full-sized portrait & landscape view is the ideal canvas to view your photographs and video
  • Integrated camera menu in the viewfinder makes it easier to access the multitude of camera-related features
  • Enhancedauto focus helps focus your subjects for picture-perfect shots; it alsoautomatically switches between auto mode and macro mode by sensing thedistance from the photo subject
  • Half-shutter enablesusers to focus accurately, even on a fast-moving object; by pressingthe shutter button halfway, you’ll give the camera enough time to focuson your subject before taking the picture
  • Image editor allows you to edit photos without compromising on the original quality and size of the picture

Video recording

  • When a still photo isn’t enough, take video footage with simultaneous voice recording
  • JPEG capture time is much faster, at 0.6 seconds


  • Large 2.22” display features dazzling 262K color with crisp images on the QVGA TFT screen
  • Mirror-like reflective coating has a sleek finish for a sophisticated polished look


  • Your music library is sorted by artists, albums, tracks, genres, etc. for easy navigation through your playlists
  • View jacket covers (album art) for easy and colorful recognition of albums
  • Allthe info (ID3 tag) is immediately transferred along with the songs sothat your music library is automatically organized into the properfolders
  • Easy Sync with Windows Media Player (MTP) allowsyou to easily transfer your music files from your computer, microSD,Bluetooth, etc. with your mobile music player
  • WMDRMgives you access to various music sources; purchase and download musicfrom various online sites that can be played on your music players
  • Bang& Olufsen’s Ice Power provides big and professional sound byreducing energy consumption by up to 90%, making the amplifier morecompact without the need for cooling
  • MicroSD allows you to carry your entire music library with you (up to 500 songs for 2GB microSD)


  • Bluetooth 2.0 provides faster wireless connections to peripherals including A2DP/AVRCP headsets and BPP mobile printing
  • USB 2.0 facilitates fast and easy data transfers and easy printing with PictBridge
  • TVout offers great display solutions ;multimedia contents can be easily exhibited on any TV screen for public viewing
  • Enjoy a full multimedia experience with seamless integration between applications, software, devices and connections

Smart UI

  • East-to-use and convenient search function operates by searching all files and applications
  • Search the whole contents of your mobile or select a folder or works with even partial entries
  • SMS and MMS can be operated from a single composer
  • An SMS automatically switches to MMS when contents are attached
  • Userscan manually adjust the brightness of the screen to suit the externalconditions, especially improving visibility in sunlight or brightconditions


  • Increases the talk-time by 10% with the optimized RF Chipset and circuit
  • Power saving by more than 30% with the optimized Multimedia
  • Save approximately 30% for camera and video; 40% for MP3 player
  • Though the capacity and performance has increased, the size of the battery has not
  • Better performance without the bulky battery


  • Innovative Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT) compresses the most advanced features into a super slim form
  • Reducesthe number of components needed as well as the noise between thecomponents enabling this mobile to shave off excess bulk

      Specification & Mobile Enhancements

  • Quad-band / EDGE
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera
  • (Half Shutter, Auto Focus, Flash)
  • 262144 Color TFT Screen (2.22”)
  • 103.2x49.3x10.9 mm
  • 60 MB + microSD
  • Video Recording (MPEG4, H.263)
  • Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA)
  • OMA DRM 2.0
  • Bluetooth v2.0, USB 2.0 (H/S)
  • FM Radio (RDS)
  • TV-output (NTSC/PAL)
  • Document Viewer
  • Offline Mode
  • Batter(690mA)
    - talk time : up to 4.3 hrs
    - standby time : up to 275 hrs


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